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Start with a firm foundation

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Digital Marketing
Growth Engine

Strategic marketing vision

If you want a digital marketing growth engine that never fails the way to attract prospects for your business is to build a firm  foundation. That means when people search by using a keyword or phrase your business shows up on the first page right under the paid advertisements and other Google content like the “three-pack” and maps. That’s the goal of this strategic vision and plan of action for results-driven online marketing that causes your business to grow. 

Plan to convert prospects into clients

The reason this strategic vision works is it fits in with what Google wants. In short it wants to list businesses in response to searches that have on-site materials that correspond with the search terms and off-site indicators that others recommend your business by pointing to your website. This means when the content on your site is developed and designed professionally it has the greatest impact on your prospects because it corresponds what they’re searching for. They recognize you’re their solution. 

Why Google then email campaigns?

Google’s trust and reputation hinges on putting the most accurate results on the first page. Feed Google’s algorithms a natural progression of keyword-rich articles. Periodically “blog” and remember what Google wants is for their search results to give searchers the information they want. The top results from Google searches go to the businesses that have strategically built webpages focused on keywords and phrases people use when searching for your type of business. But getting on first page is not enough. Once you get a prospect to visit your page convince them to give you their name and email address. Then use a variety of value-packed emails as congruent email campaigns to convert prospects into clients.

Drive prospects to your website with search engine optimization.
Capture their names and email addresses.
Then systematically market to them with email.

Practice three fundamentals

1. This is your intention

Aim for Google 3-Pack

Google 3 Pack

Google uses indicators to determine who goes into the 3-Pack. If your competitors are doing this and you aren’t Google knows it.

2. This is what you need

Build a Real Website


Want a real website? First, make it what Google wants it to be. Make it responsive, fast, and have directories pointing to it. 

3. Claim your spot here

Get on Google Maps

Austin Therapy

It’s crazy to have your competitors on Google Maps while you’re nowhere to be found. Are your competitors really smarter? 

Recurring Return on Investment

Lifetime Value of a Customer

Here’s how to rocket your business to success

You’re in business. You pay the bills. And you need customers. When you know the lifetime value of a customer you know how much you can afford to spend each month to attract more customers.

You’re a professional. How much do you charge per hour to provide your service? How much do your competitors charge per hour? Are their rates higher or lower? Is their service equivalent?

When your business is equivalent the best way to compete is to make incremental improvements in your marketing. Spend money on intentional marketing. Money spent to create results buys success.

No matter your business the affordable web service plans below will attract new customers and increase your income. You can increase the lifetime value of each of these new customers with marketing.

Growth Web Service

These web services force your business to grow by flooding you with prospects and providing key affordable web and maintenance services

Full Service Plan

Digital Marketing Growth Engine
Part 1 create the growth engine
  • Consultation with order
  • Competitor analysis report
  • Keyword analysis report
  • Develop Unique Selling Proposition
  • Responsive Website and maintenance
  • Hosting, maintenance, backups
  • SSL Certificate and maintenance
  • Website Speed optimization
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Testimonial Collection Process
  • All photos and graphics as included needed
  • Video design, scripting, rendering
  • Choice of private video hosting services included
  • Listing with Google and maintenance included
  • Listing with Google Maps and maintenance included
  • Listing with 50+ Directories and maintenance included
  • Bonus Exclusive Client Portal free
  • Bonus $384 FTC Guardian included free
  • Bonus $179 installation of FTC Guardian included free
  • Continuing web and maintenance services
Start here

Build your growth engine

Let’s review what InstacareXpress will do to build your brand and attract prospects to your business at a price you can afford.

It all starts with building a website.

That’s Part One. Watch the video above to see why you need Part Two  &  Part Three.

Consultation and analyzing your market and competitors are key to the process.

Think you can skip that step? Well, imagine shooting an arrow at a target and not knowing where the target is, or where the arrow went. That’s how most websites are built. That’s why they fail.

You don’t need a pretty website. You need an effective website that sells your product or service. The web is not a beauty contest but that doesn’t mean your site needs to be ugly. What it needs is to be effective.

Read the Frequently Answered Questions associated with Part One to discover why this list of work that must be done is the backbone of your engine, and doing all of them is a prescription for success.

Full Service Plan

Digital Marketing Growth Engine
Part 2
SEO, blogging, Press Releases
  • Includes everything in Part 1
  • Deeper SEO Strategies and Tactics
  • Monthly Competitor analysis reports
  • Monthly Keyword analysis reports
  • Monthly Keyword and phrases-focused articles
  • All copywriting and design included
  • All associated web services and maintenance included
  • One blog article per month
  • One blog video per month
  • Captivating images and graphics as needed
  • Three Press Releases per year
  • Customized Call-to-Action Video Player
  • Bonus Review-acquisition-process free
  • Bonus Review-onsite-display-process free
  • Bonus Review-broadcasting-process included free
  • Monthly Schema Structured Data Markup for SEO

Articles generate traffic

Approximately fifty percent of traffic on the internet is search engine robots sniffing through web pages so they can direct people to pages that are most in sync with the keywords and phrases they’re using to find information.

The best way to get Search engines to notice your web pages is to create diverse articles that each use different keywords you’ve discovered through research your prospects use to find information that corresponds with your service.

Press Releases are news articles that appear on other websites. They point to your site for more information. Our Press Releases are sent to 300+ media outlets on the web. Discover how this works in the FAQ associated with Part Two

Full Service Plan

Digital Marketing Growth Engine
Part 3
list building and email marketing
  • Includes everything in Part 1 & 2
  • Setup marketing automation processes
  • Create your ebook lead magnet
  • Build and manage a quality list of prospects
  • Create all email lead capturing forms
  • Website popups for lead capturing with forms
  • A/B test forms to improve signups
  • All associated copywriting and design
  • Copywriting of prospect email campaign sequences
  • Copywriting of client email campaign sequences
  • Complete list and segmentation management services
  • Copywriting of autoresponder sequences
  • Copywriting and creation of value-based emails
  • Option to send via your SMTP email server
  • Option to send via our prime email servers
  • Bonus SMS Text message marketing free
  • Bonus includes copywriting of SMS messages
  • Bonus includes SMS broadcasting with Twilio
  • Bonus includes Phone number list management

Convert prospects into clients

Building your brand on the internet attracts prospect-traffic. Capture their names and emails. Email them periodically and express your concern for them.

Part One is important because it gives traffic a place to go. Part Two is essential because it includes proven methods that drives prospect-traffic to your website. But without Part Three your digital marketing engine can never reach its potential.

This three-part digital marketing engine  builds and establishes your brand in your local market, or in your niche, and it fills your hopper with prospects who came to your website because they want a product or service like yours. If they took time to give you their name and email address – they need your help and you have an obligation to help them by reaching out to them repeatedly. Do that congruently because it converts prospects into clients.

Your Digital Marketing Growth Engine Advantages

Starts with consultation

Your professional website is built to exploit every aspect of a custom made strategic marketing plan that sells.


To make a good decision read how a professional website is built to sell your service and force growth.
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How to bring your brand to life

Your growth engine uses blogging and Press Releases to drive traffic to you so your brand comes to life.


Forcing growth means helping your prospects to appreciate how and why your brand meets their needs.
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Email converts prospects to clients

Your plan has everything you need to turn prospects into clients including a complete email management service.


Every prospect deserves the opportunity to become your client because they came to your site and need your help.
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Start with a firm foundation

Your growth engine is a firm foundation. Reputation management, social media & paid advertising also available.


Make your website a growth engine. It goes at the front of the train. To build your business faster invest more.
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